Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) Release Info, Review & Trailer

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex
Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex
Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) – Soctex

Vikings: Valhalla is an upcoming Netflix historical action-fiction drama television series produced by screenwriter Jeb Stuart that is a spin-off of History’s Vikings. This series begins a century after the previous series and tells the stories of some of history’s most famous Norsemen: Leif Erikson, Freyds Eirksdóttir, Harald Hardrada, and William the Conqueror, a Viking descendent, were all Viking descendants.

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) Synopsis

Vikings: Valhalla begins in the early 11th century and follows the legendary exploits of some of the most renowned Vikings of all time, including Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardrada, and Norman King William the Conqueror. As they struggle for survival in an ever-changing and evolving environment, these men and women will forge a trail.

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) Series Details

Genre Historical drama, Adventure, Romance,  War
Created by

Filming Locations

·         Michael Hirst

·         Jeb Stuart

·         Dublin, Ireland

Country of origin ·         Canada

·         Ireland

·         United States

Original language English
Executive producers ·         Morgan O’Sullivan

·         Jeb Stuart

·         Michael Hirst

·         Sherry Marsh

·         Alan Gasmer

Production company MGM Television
Distributor MGM Television and Digital Distribution
Netflix Streaming Services
Original network Netflix
Preceded by Vikings

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) Cast

  • Laura Berlin as Emma of Normandy
  • Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson
  • Bradley Freegard as King Canute “the Great”
  • Frida Gustavsson as Freydís Eiríksdóttir
  • Caroline Henderson as Jarl Haakon
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Olaf “the Holy” Haraldsson
  • Asbjørn Krogh as Jarl Kåre
  • David Oakes as Earl Godwin
  • Julian Seager as Jarl Gorm
  • Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark
  • John Kavanagh as The Seer
  • Pääru Oja as Arne Gormsson
  • Louis Davison as Prince Edmund
  • Bosco Hogan as Æthelred the Unready
  • Yvonne Mai as Merin
  • Joakim Nätterqvist as Birkir

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex


One news site announced on November 28, 2020, that Danish actor Kenneth Christensen, Icelandic actor Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Swedish actress Frida Gustavsson, and David Oakes had been cast in the series. Frida Gustavsdóttir was subsequently discovered to have been cast as Freyds Eirksdóttir, while Jóhannes Haukur was cast as Olaf “the Holy” after early sources incorrectly suggested that he had been cast as Harald Hardrada, a role that went to Leo Suter. Caroline Henderson was cast as jarl Haakon, the present ruler of Kattegat, based on Canute the Great’s subordinate ruler Haakon Ericsson. Canute the Great was played by Bradley Freegard, while his wife lfgifu was played by Pollyanna McIntosh. Leif Eriksson was played by Sam Corlett.

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex

Yvonne Mai, a German actress, has been cast as Merin, while Bill Murphy has been cast as Odga. Alan Devine will play the Ealdorman of Kent, while Gavin O’Connor will play the Ealdorman of East Anglia. Devine and Bosco Hogan had previously featured in Vikings as Ealdorman Eadric in the second season and Abbot of Lindisfarne in the fifth. Toke, a character played by Jack Mullarkey, has been cast. Birkir will be played by Joakim Nätterqvist, while Vestian will be played by Ethan Dillon.

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex


Vanessa Alexander, Declan Croghan, and Eoin McNamee are among the writers for Jeb Stuart’s show.


Vikings: Valhalla began production in early October 2020 at Ashford Studios in Wicklow, Ireland, where Vikings previously took place. The shooting was halted owing to a high number of positive COVID-19 tests, only to restart a few days later. A number of cast and staff members were claimed to have tested positive at the time; however, it was later revealed that the production had received a number of false-positive tests. Filming was set to restart in August 2021 at Ashford Studios in Ireland.

Season 2 was completed in November 2021.

BAFTA-winning Danish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev, Steve Saint Leger, who helmed multiple episodes of Vikings, and Hannah Quinn will direct.

Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex

Vikings: Valhalla Release Dates

South Korea 2022 (internet)
Poland 2022 (internet)
USA 2022 (internet)
Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) - Soctex
Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series 2022) – Soctex

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) Vikings: Valhalla
Australia Vikings: Valhalla
Greece Βίκινγκ: Βαλχάλα
Hungary Vikingek: Valhalla
India (English title) Vikings: Valhalla
Poland Wikingowie: Walhalla
Slovakia Vikingovia: Valhalla
USA Vikings: Valhalla

 Vikings: Valhalla | First Look | Netflix

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