The Protégé (2021) Review & Trailer

The Protégé (2021)
The Protégé (2021)
The Protégé (2021)

The Protégé is a 2021 American action thriller film directed by Martin Campbell and starring Michael Keaton, Maggie Q, and Samuel L. Jackson, and written by Richard Wenk. Patrick Malahide, David Rintoul, Ori Pfeffer, Ray Fearon, Caroline Loncq, and Robert Patrick make up the supporting cast. Lionsgate released the film on August 20, 2021. It garnered mixed reviews from reviewers and earned $8 million in box office receipts.

The Protégé (2021) Synopsis

Anna (Maggie Q) is the world’s most accomplished contract killer, having been rescued as a kid by the famous assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) and educated in the family profession. When Moody, the guy who treated her like a son and taught her all she knows about trust and survival, is brutally murdered, Anna vows vengeance. Their fight turns deadly as she becomes embroiled with an enigmatic murderer (Michael Keaton) whose desire to her goes well beyond cat and mouse, and the loose ends of life of murdering will weave themselves increasingly tighter.

Movie Info

Directed by Martin Campbell
Written by Richard Wenk
Produced by ·         Arthur Sarkissian

·         Rob Van Norden

·         Yariv Lerner

·         Chris Milburn

·         Moshe Diamant

Cinematography David Tattersall
Edited by Angela M. Catanzaro
Music by Rupert Parkes
·         Millennium Media

·         Fourteen Films

·         I Road Productions

·         Campbell Grobman Films

·         Ingenious Media

Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date ·         August 20, 2021
Running time 104 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $8.1 million

The Protégé (2021)


  • Maggie Q  as Anna Dutton
  • Eva Nguyen Thorsen as Young Anna Dutton
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Moody Dutton
  • Michael Keaton  as Michael Rembrandt
  • Robert Patrick as Billy Boy
  • Patrick Malahide as Vohl
  • David Rintoul as Edward Hayes
  • Ori Pfeffer as Athens
  • Ray Fearon as Duquet
  • Caroline Loncg as Claudia
  • Florin Piersic Jr. as Ram
  • Tudor Chirilă as Petru
  • Velizar Binev as Don Preda
  • George Piștereanu as Vali
  • Alexandru Bordea as Anna’s father
  • Tanja Keller as Anna’s mother


Gong Li joined the cast of the movie, which was then named Ana, in October 2017, with Martin Campbell directing from a script by Richard Wenk. Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, and Maggie Q were added to the cast of the picture in November 2019.

Under the title The Asset, principal filming began in January 2020. Bucharest, London, and Da Nang were all used for filming.

The Protégé (2021)


Lionsgate released the picture in theaters on August 20, 2021. It had been set to be published on April 23, 2021, but was postponed.

Box office

The Protégé was released with Reminiscence, The Night House, and PAW Patrol: The Movie in the United States and Canada, and was expected to make about $5 million in its first weekend from 2,577 theaters. The picture grossed $1.1 million on its first day, but just $2.9 million on its second day, placing it eighth at the box office. The film’s second-weekend box office saw a 44% drop to $1.6 million.


Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregate website, shows a 60% approval rating based on 88 reviews, with an average rating of 5.80/10. “Maggie Q is still waiting for the action movie that truly merits her — but until then, The Protégé hits just hard enough to please,” says the site’s critical consensus. The film received a weighted average score of 48 out of 100 from 27 reviewers on Metacritic, signifying “mixed or mediocre reviews.” According to CinemaScore, the picture received an average grade of “B” on a scale of A+ to F, while PostTrak indicated that 76 percent of audience members gave it a good rating, with 50 percent indicating they would definitely recommend it.

The Protégé (2021)

The Protégé Release Dates

UK 2021
Ireland 2021
Israel 19 August 2021
Kazakhstan 19 August 2021
Russia 19 August 2021
Canada 20 August 2021
Indonesia 20 August 2021
India 20 August 2021
Latvia 20 August 2021
USA 20 August 2021
United Arab Emirates 26 August 2021
Hong Kong 26 August 2021
Italy 26 August 2021 (internet)
Lebanon 26 August 2021
Portugal 26 August 2021
Saudi Arabia 26 August 2021
Bulgaria 27 August 2021
Estonia 27 August 2021
Iceland 27 August 2021
Poland 27 August 2021
Lithuania 3 September 2021
Hungary 16 September 2021
South Korea October 2021
Germany 22 October 2021 (DVD premiere)
Spain 26 November 2021
The Protégé (2021)
The Protégé (2021)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) The Protégé
Australia The Protégé
Brazil O protegido
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Протеже на убиеца
Canada (French title) The Asset
Canada (French title) La Protégée
Canada (English title) The Protege
Czechia Chráněnka – Vychovávaná pro pomstu
Egypt (English title) The Protege
France The Asset
Germany The Protégé – Made for Revenge
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) 復仇殺姬
Hungary A védenc
India (Hindi title) The Protege
India (English title) The Asset
Indonesia The Protégé
Israel (Hebrew title) Ha’Nokemet
Italy The Protégé
Japan (Japanese title) ザ・プロトジェ
Latvia Slepkavas kodekss
Lithuania Žudiko kodeksas
Luxembourg (French title) The Protégé
Philippines The Protégé
Poland Protegowana
Portugal A Protegida
Russia Кодекс киллера
Saudi Arabia ذا بروتيجي
Singapore The Protégé
Slovakia Chránenka – Vychovaná pre pomstu
South Korea 더 프로티제
United Arab Emirates The Protégé
UK The Asset
USA (working title) The Asset
USA The Protege
(working title) Ana

The Protégé (2021 Movie) Official Trailer – Michael Keaton, Maggie Q, and Samuel L. Jackson

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