Katheryn Winnick : biography and filmography

She was born on December 17, 1977 in Toronto (Canada)


It measures 1’68.
Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress, daughter of Roman and Lesya Winnicki, born in Germany whose Ukrainian ancestors arrived in the German country after fleeing the communist regime of the USSR.

The couple Roman and Lesya emigrated to seek their fortune in Canada, where Katheryn was born and her brothers Markjan, also an actor, Daria and Adam, a military man.




Fond of sports since she was a child, Katheryn specialized in martial arts in Toronto, managing to stand out in taekwondo. He got to obtain the black belt in his adolescence, with only 13 years.
He also played soccer, gymnastics or volleyball and went to college to study Kinesiology. He also has a bodyguard license.
At the age of 16, he opened a taekwondo school.
Her skill in martial arts led her to act as a taekwondo instructor to performers.
Later he studied acting at the William Esper Studio in New York.


In the late 1990s, with her real last name, Winnick, shortened to an i, Katheryn achieved her first professional roles, as one in an episode of the series “Psi Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal” (1999).
That year he also managed to participate in another television series in his country, “Reporteros Con Clase” (1999).

Her film debut came with “Biohazardous” (2001), a zombie horror film that Katheryn has already shot in the United States.
A few years later, she played Ivana Trump in the telefilm “Trump Unanuthorized” (2005).


Other Katheryn films in their first stage in the United States are …
“Hellraiser: Hellworld” (2005), eighth installment of the horror series “Hellraiser”
“Cloud 9” (2006), a film starring Burt Reynolds with the leading role of a beach volleyball team
“The Day Nietzsche Cried” (2007), with Kathryn playing Lou Salomé …


During this period, Winnick also participated in numerous episodes of well-known soap operas: “Treasure Hunter”, “CSI Miami”, “CSI New York”, “Oz”, “Criminal Minds” , “House” , “Law and Order: Criminal Action” …

In 2010 he began to participate in the series “Bones” (2010-2011) with the character of journalist Hannah Burley and girlfriend of Seeley Booth (played in the series by David Boreanaz ).
At this stage, the blonde Canadian actress appeared in episodes of “Nikita” or “Transporter: The Series.”

Katheryn achieved international fame by landing the role of Lagertha in the series “Vikings” (2013-2020) .
He also directed an episode of this broadcast.
He repeated directing duties in episodes of another series, “Wu Assassins” (2019), which Winnick herself produced.
In 2020 the TV series “Big Sky” (2020-2021) premiered.


Katheryne Winnick was a partner of Nick Loeb (born 1975).
Has no children.

Her twitter is: https://twitter.com/KatherynWinnick
Her instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/katherynwinnick/




  • BIOHAZARDOUS (2001) by Michael J. Hein
  • SMOKING HERB (2002) by Richard Keith
  • FABLED (2002) by Ari Kirschenbaum
  • LOVE IN ADVANCE (2002) by Marc Lawrence
  • WHAT ALICE FOUND (2003) by A. Dean Bell
  • SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER (2004) by Jeff Lieberman
  • GOING THE DISTANCE (2004) by Mark Griffiths
  • GOING THE DISTANCE (2004) by Mark Griffiths
  • TRUMP UNAUTHORIZED (2005) by John David Coles
  • HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD (2005) by Rick Bota
  • CLOUD 9 (2006) by Harry Basil
  • KISS ME AGAIN (2006) by William Tyler Smith
  • 13 GRAVES (2006) by Dominic Sena
  • BRIDE BY CONTRACT (2006) by Tom Dey
  • THE DAY NIETZSCHE CRYED (2007) by Pinchas Perry
  • DEADLY MADNESS (2007) by Michel Poulette
  • AMUSEMENT: THE EVIL GAME (2008) by John Simpson
  • COLD SOULS (2009) by Sophie Barthes
  • RADIO FREE ALBERMOUTH (2010) by John Alan Simon
  • TRANCED (2010) by David M. Evans
  • NIGHT AND DAY (2010) by Shawn Bell
  • KILLERS (2010) by Robert Luketic
  • LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (2010) by Edward Zwick
  • CHOOSE (2011) by Marcus Graves
  • BAT $ # *! CRAZY (2011) by Ari Kirschenbaum and Marquette Williams
  • LEGAL TYPES (2012) by Fisher Stevens
  • THE ART OF STEALING (2013) by Jonathan Sobol
  • THE DARK TOWER (2017) by Nikolaj Arcel
  • FASTER THAN DEATH (2018) by Jodi Scurfield
  • POLAR (2019) by Jonas Akerlund
  • CONSPIRACY WONDER (2020) by April Mullen

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