Is Zurg Really Vanquished in the Lightyear End-Credits Scenes?

Zurg- Lightyear- Soctex

After Buzz Lightyear’s most recent journey, what happens next?


Buzz Lightyear finally gets his own spinoff film, Lightyear, twenty-two years after taking the spotlight from Woody in Toy Story. In this solo adventure, Chris Evans plays a space ranger who is trying to rescue himself and his crew of a hazardous planet. Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, James Brolin, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, and Uzo Aduba also star in Lightyear.

Lightyear contains three end-credits scenes, unlike some previous Pixar films, which had entertaining little jokes throughout the credits or a tiny bit at the very end. Here’s what happens in Lightyear’s end-credits sequences if you’re curious about what happens in these closing moments, or if you didn’t stay long enough in the theater to watch all three scenes. Fellow space rangers, to infinity and beyond!

Lightyear 2022 - Soctex
Lightyear 2022 – Soctex

After the first set of credits, the first of these scenes take place. Commander Burnside (Isiah Whitlock Jr.), the chief of the space rangers, is shown in his office in a brief clip. Burnside is shown having his afternoon teen while a giant forcefield is set up on the planet Tikana Prime in the backdrop. During the scenario, one of the planet’s native huge bugs is blasted by the forcefield. Burnside’s bookshelf also contains a quick allusion to another Pixar film, as BURN-E—from WALL-E and the short BURN-E—can be seen. Lightyear filmmaker Angus MacLane also directed BURN-E, which was offered as a bonus feature on the WALL-E home video release.

The second scene is a throwback to a scene from earlier in Lightyear, and it happens at the very end of the credits. The robot ERIC (voiced by MacLane) tries to provide Buzz and his team with the best route to the spaceship as they prepare to leave on their mission. ERIC keeps making mistakes and redoing his plan, as we saw earlier in the film, and while he’s still talking, the rest of the crew abandons him and forms their own plan. ERIC eventually completes his scheme in this end-credits sequence, only to discover that he has been talking to himself the entire time. Perhaps, like BURN-E, a short film about ERIC’s travels during the events of Lightyear that we didn’t see will be released.

Lightyear 2022 - Soctex

The third and last scene occurs at the very end of the film, after the Pixar logo. This closing scene shows Zurg (voiced by James Brolin) turning back on, indicating that the enemy that Buzz appeared to have destroyed is still alive and well, ready to create more problems for Lightyear and his new space rangers. Is this a hint that we’ll be seeing more of Zurg and Lightyear in the future? Pixar hasn’t said whether or not a Lightyear sequel is in the works, but given that Buzz has been having fresh adventures since 1995, it seems likely.

Lightyear (2022)- Soctex
Lightyear (2022)- Soctex

Lightyear is currently available in theaters. You may learn more about Lightyear by reading our article!


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