Great White (2021) Review, Details & Trailer

Great White (2021)
Great White (2021)
Great White (2021)

Great White is a 2021 Australian survival horror film directed by Martin Wilson, written by Michael Boughen, and produced by Neal Kingston and Michael Robertson, with Jack Christian and Christopher Figg serving as executive producers. Katrina Bowden, Aaron Jakubenko, Tim Kano, Te Kohe Tuhaka, and Kimie Tsukakoshi feature in the film. Two great white sharks surround five passengers on a stranded aircraft miles from land in the movie.

The movie was released in theaters and on-demand in the United States on July 16, 2021.

Great White (2021) Synopsis

When five seaplane passengers are abandoned miles from shore in Great White, a pleasant tourist excursion turns into a nightmare. The party tries to make it to shore before running out of supplies or being captured by a scary creature hiding just beneath the surface in a desperate struggle for survival.

Katrina Bowden In Great White (2021)
Katrina Bowden In Great White (2021)

Movie Info

Directed by Martin Wilson
Written by Michael Boughen
Produced by ·         Neal Kingston

·         Michael Robertson

Cinematography Tony O’Loughlan
Music by Tim Count
·         Thrills & Spills

·         Piccadilly Pictures

·         Filmology Finance

Release date ·         July 16, 2021 (United States)
Running time


91 minutes

Horror, Thriller

Country Australia
Language English
Box office $635,058

Great White (2021)

Great White (2021) Cast

  • Katrina Bowden as Kaz Fellows.
  • Aaron Jakubenko as Charlie Brody.
  • Tim Kano as Joji “Joe” Minase.
  • Kimie Tsukakoshi as Michelle Minase.
  • Te Kohe Tuhaka as Benny.
  • Jason Wilder as Luke.
  • Tatjana Marjanovic as Tracy.

Great White Release

On May 7, 2021, Great White was released theatrically in Spain, and on May 13, 2021, it was released theatrically in the United Arab Emirates. Via July 16, 2021, it will be released in theaters, on video on demand, and on digital platforms in the United States.

Great White (2021)

Box office

Great White earned $348,566 in Spain and $168,087 in the United Arab Emirates, for a total of $516,653 globally.


The film has a 40% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on six reviews with an average rating of 4.6/10. “It’s far from the most toothless shark thriller, but Great White has the killer narrative instinct essential to remain afloat,” says the site’s consensus. The film received a two-out-of-five-star rating from Cath Clarke, writing for The Guardian. “You may find yourself nail-biting – out of boredom rather than terror,” Clarke remarked, complimenting the “semi-decent CGI great white.” However, the film “shoehorns climate change into a very familiar tale,” and “You may find yourself nail-biting – out of boredom rather than dread.”

Great White (2021)

Great White Release Dates

Spain 4 May 2021 (Barcelona) (subtitled version) (premiere)
Spain 4 May 2021 (Madrid) (premiere)
Spain 7 May 2021
Vietnam 7 May 2021
United Arab Emirates 13 May 2021
Saudi Arabia 13 May 2021
Singapore 13 May 2021
UK 17 May 2021 (DVD premiere)
Germany 20 May 2021 (internet)
Egypt 2 June 2021
Germany 3 June 2021 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
France 3 June 2021 (internet)
Poland 10 June 2021 (internet)
Australia 11 June 2021
Hong Kong 24 June 2021
Croatia 24 June 2021
Canada 16 July 2021 (internet)
USA 16 July 2021
Sweden 19 July 2021 (DVD premiere)
Brazil 21 July 2021
South Korea 5 August 2021
Netherlands 20 August 2021 (DVD premiere)
Portugal 9 September 2021
Argentina 16 September 2021 (internet)
Malaysia 16 September 2021
Italy 30 September 2021
Great White (2021)
Great White (2021)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) Great White
Argentina Gran tiburón blanco
Australia Great White
Brazil Grande Tubarão Branco
Canada (English title) Great White
Canada (French title) Great White
Egypt (English title) البياض العظيم
France Great White
Germany Great White
Hungary A nagy fehér
India (Hindi title) Great White
India (English title) Great White
Indonesia (English title) Great White
Italy Great White
Italy (new title) 47 metri – Great White
Japan (Japanese title) グレートホワイト
Mexico Great White
Philippines (English title) Great White
Poland Ludojad
Portugal Tubarão Branco
Russia В пасти океана
Saudi Arabia غريت وايت
Singapore (English title) Great White
Spain Tiburón blanco
Turkey (Turkish title) Beyaz Köpekbalığı
Ukraine Біла смерть
United Arab Emirates Great White
UK Great White
USA Great White
Vietnam Hung Thần Trắng

Great White (2021)

GREAT WHITE Trailer (2021)

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