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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, directed by Adam Robitel and written by Will Honley, Maria Melnik, Daniel Tuch, and Oren Uziel, is a 2021 American psychological horror film. It stars Taylor Russell and Logan Miller, who reprise their roles from the previous film, plus newcomers Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Thomas Cocquerel, and Carlito Olivero, in a sequel to the 2019 film Escape Room. Following many delays due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Sony Pictures Releasing released Escape Room: Tournament of Champions in Australia on July 1, 2021, and in the United States on July 16, 2021.

The film earned $13 million at the box office and garnered mixed reviews from critics, who appreciated the intricate puzzles but criticized the film for failing to build upon its predecessor.

  • Rating: PG-13 (Terror/Peril|Strong Language|Violence)
  • Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Horror
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Adam Robitel
  • Producer: Neal H. Moritz
  • Writer: Will Honley, Maria Melnik, Daniel Tuch, Oren Uziel
  • Release Date (Theaters): Jul 16, 2021, Wide
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $8.8M
  • Gross worldwide: $13,300,000
  • Runtime: 1h 28m
  • Filming Locations: Cape Town Film Studios, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


IMDB: 6.1                          




Taylor Russell

Zoey Davis


Logan Miller

Ben Miller


Indya Moore

Brianna Collier


Holland Roden

Rachel Ellis


Thomas Cocquerel



Carlito Olivero






Following their escape from the Minos Corporation’s “single survivor” escape rooms, Zoey Davis and Ben Miller resolve to face the secretive corporation after discovering coordinates to their New York City headquarters in Minos’ emblem. Zoey’s therapist encourages her to move on from her trauma and overcome her fear of flying, but she prefers to drive with Ben instead of flying. The two come upon a dilapidated Minos headquarters and are approached by a vagabond who takes Zoey’s jewelry. She and Ben are pursued and lured into a subway train car, where they are trapped. The train car detaches itself from the rest of the train and is rerouted to a distant station. Inside the train, Zoey, Ben, Rachel, Brianna, Nathan, and Theo are trapped. Minos reveals that they are pulling the strings once more, and the train electrifies, transforming it into yet another escape room. The other survivors of past Minos escape rooms are revealed to Zoey and Ben.

As the train becomes more electric, the gang learns they need to collect subway tokens to get out. Theo is slain, but the others are able to flee. As the group relaxes, Nathan explains that his escape room group was made up entirely of priests, Brianna’s was made up entirely of influencers, and Rachel’s was made up entirely of individuals who didn’t feel physical pain.

The survivors go to the next chamber, a bank room complete with a rapidly shutting vault and a lethal laser security system. Nathan has a faith crisis while deciphering a complicated way to avoid the lasers and knocks himself out, triggering the lasers. The party is successful in determining the path and escaping with Nathan. Zoey is confused by numerous allusions to someone named Sonya and the fact that the escape rooms have no relation to the group when in the room.

The following floor has a beach with a hut, lighthouse, and more Sonya allusions. The beach is found to be covered in quicksand as the party begins to solve problems. Nathan gives up his life to save Rachel and is suffocated by the sand. Zoey discovers an additional path out of the escape room when she solves the room’s puzzle, just before Brianna unlocks the room’s intended exit. The gang has a disagreement, with Rachel and Ben side with Zoey. Brianna takes the main exit, while Rachel and Ben make their way through the quicksand to the other exit. Ben slips into the quicksand and appears to perish.

Zoey and Rachel are heartbroken by the deaths of their friends and resolve to bring Minos down. They escape into the city through a manhole, but they immediately discover they’re still in the game when they run across a terrified Brianna, who informs them that acid rain is being poured into the chamber on a regular basis. The gang solves the room’s riddle and unlocks a cab to flee, but the cab locks Rachel and Brianna out after Zoey arrives. Rachel and Brianna ultimately succumb to the downpour, while Zoey slips into the next room.

A journal from Sonya reveals the rooms are based on a great day out she had with her mother in the next room, a children’s bedroom. Amanda, Sonya’s mother, is shown to have survived her fall in the “single survivor” game and was forced to make space for Minos after they kidnapped Sonya.

Amanda enters the room and asks Zoey to take over as Minos’ next puzzle builder. Ben, who is confined in a cage, also emerges in the room. Ben’s cage begins to fill up with water as Zoey refuses, but Zoey and Amanda collaborate to liberate Ben. They create a fire in the escape room and manage to escape the institution by breaking out.

The trio reports their findings to the authorities, who collect Rachel, Brianna, Nathan, and Theo’s bodies, and the story about Minos becomes public. An FBI agent retrieves Zoey’s jewelry and tells her that Minos will be apprehended owing to Amanda’s testimony.

Zoey decides to go home with Ben, full of confidence. Zoey discovers on board that the plane is another escape chamber put up by Minos.

Sleeping gas knocks both Zoey and Ben out, as the Gamemaster mocks them for falling into their newest trap.



Australia 1 July 2021
Iceland 14 July 2021
South Korea 14 July 2021
Denmark 15 July 2021
Hong Kong 15 July 2021
Italy 15 July 2021
Portugal 15 July 2021
Russia 15 July 2021
Saudi Arabia 15 July 2021
Slovakia 15 July 2021
Ukraine 15 July 2021
Canada 16 July 2021
Estonia 16 July 2021
UK 16 July 2021
Ireland 16 July 2021
Lithuania 16 July 2021
Poland 16 July 2021
USA 16 July 2021
Germany 22 July 2021
Netherlands 29 July 2021
Bulgaria 30 July 2021
Spain 30 July 2021
Turkey 6 August 2021
Sweden 13 August 2021
Singapore 19 August 2021
Finland 20 August 2021
Argentina 26 August 2021


(original title) Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Argentina Escape Room 2: Reto mortal
Australia (working title) Escape Room 2
Australia Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Brazil Escape Room 2
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Escape Room: Без изход
Canada (French title) Escape Room 2
Canada (English title) Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Denmark Escape Room: No Way Out
Finland Escape Room 2
France Escape Game 2
Germany Escape Room 2: No Way Out
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) 密室逃殺: 倖存者遊戲
Hungary Végtelen útvesztő 2. – Bajnokok csatája
India (Hindi title) Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Ireland (English title) Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Italy Escape Room 2 – Gioco mortale
Japan (Japanese title) Escape Room 2
Lithuania Pabėgimo kambarys 2: Išėjimo nėra
Mexico Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal
New Zealand (English title) Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Norway Escape Room 2
Poland Escape Room: Najlepsi z najlepszych
Portugal Escape Room 2: Sem Saída
Russia Клаустрофобы 2: Лига выживших
Slovakia Úniková hra 2
Spain Escape Room 2: Mueres por salir
Sweden Escape Room 2: No Way Out
Thailand (English title) (complete title) Escape Room 2: No Way Out
Ukraine Смертельний лабіринт 2: Небезпека всюди
UK Escape Room 2
UK (alternative title) Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
USA (working title) Escape Room 2
USA Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Vietnam Căn Phòng Tử Thần: Cái Chết Trở Lại




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