Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– ) Review, Details & Trailer

Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )
Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )
Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )

Centaurworld is a musical comedy streaming television series developed by Megan Nicole Dong, featuring songs written by Dong and Dominic Bisignano. It launched on Netflix on July 30, 2021, and was produced by Sketchshark Productions and Netflix Animation.

Centaurworld (2021) Synopsis

Centaurworld tells the story of a warhorse that is transferred from her troubled world to a mysterious country populated by bright, singing centaurs of various kinds, shapes, and sizes.

Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )

Series Details

Genre ·         Musical, Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

·         Comedy

Created by Megan Nicole Dong
Directed by Megan Nicole Dong
Voices of ·         Kimiko Glenn

·         Megan Hilty

·         Parvesh Cheena

·         Chris Diamantopoulos

·         Megan Nicole Dong

·         Jessie Mueller

·         Josh Radnor

Theme music composer Megan Nicole Dong
Composer Toby Chu
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer Megan Nicole Dong
Producer Louis J. Cuck
Running time 25–27 minutes
Production companies ·         Netflix Animation

·         Sketchshark Productions

Animation services Mercury Filmworks
Red Dog Culture House
Original network Netflix
Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )
Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )


  • Kimiko Glenn as a brave warhorse

Kimiko’s other roles include a cataur named Madame Jelly and the leaftaur baby.

  • Megan Hilty as Wammawink

Megan’s other roles include Shar, the leaftaur mom, and a catfishtaur.

  • Sophia Lewis as Baby Wammawink.
  • Parvesh Cheena as Zulius
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Ched

Chris’s other roles include the hyenataur, Pawter, Zimples, and Sean-Anemone.

  • Megan Nicole Dong as Glendale.

Megan also voices Kale, one of the Glitter Cats.

  • Josh Radnor as Durpleton.
  • Jessie Mueller as Rider.
  • Tony Hale as Durpletoot
  • Carl Faruolo as Gebbrey.
  • Renée Elise Goldsberry as Waterbaby
  • Lea Salonga as the Mysterious Woman
  • First Aid Kit as The Tree Shamans
  • David Johansen as Beartaur
  • Flula Borg as Comfortable Doug, a mole-like centaur.
  • Paul F. Tompkins as Horse’s tail.
  • Santigold as Judge Jacket.
  • Fred Armisen as Splendib.
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Johnny Teatime
  • Jamie Cullum as Sunfish Merguy
  • Rosalie Craig as the Whaletaur Shaman.
  • Brian Stokes Mitchell as the Nowhere King
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Stabby,
  • Grey DeLisle as TBA.

Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )


The series was initially revealed in September of 2019.


No. Title Directed by Written by Storyboard by Original release date
1 “Hello Rainbow Road” Megan Nicole Dong Jen Bardekoff, Dong & Jessie Wong David Au, Dominic Bisignano, Dong & Wong July 30, 2021
2 “Fragile Things” Jen Bennett Minty Lewis Maha Tabikh, David Woo & Louie Zong July 30, 2021
3 “The Key” Jeremy Polgar Jen Bardekoff Madeleine Flores & Samantha Suyi Lee July 30, 2021
4 “What You Need” Christina “Kiki” Manrique Todd Casey Alexandra Chiu & Chris Pianka July 30, 2021
5 “It’s Hidin’ Time” Katie Shanahan Ryan Harer Charlie Bryant, Quinne Larsen & David Woo July 30, 2021
6 “Holes: Part 2” Jen Bennett Amalia Levari & Minty Lewis Maha Tabikh, David Woo & Louie Zong July 30, 2021
7 “Johnny Teatime’s Be Best Competition: A Quest for the Sash” Jeremy Polgar Jen Bardekoff Madeleine Flores & Samantha Suyi Lee July 30, 2021
8 “Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!” Christina “Kiki” Manrique Todd Casey Alexandra Chiu & Chris Pianka July 30, 2021


“The Rift” Katie Shanahan

Jen Bennett

Amalia Levari

Aminder Dhaliwal

Charlie Bryant & Quinne Larsen

Christine Liu, Maha Tabikh, David Woo & Louie Zong

July 30, 2021

Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )


No. Title Length
1. “Rider’s Lullaby” 1:04
2. “Centaurworld” 1:25
3. “Spells For Days” 0:51
4. “Hello Rainbow Road” 2:27
5. “Fragile Things” 2:29
6. “Taurnado” 2:43
7. “What If I Forget Your Face” 2:33
8. “Making Friendships–BOATS!” 0:46
9. “Frustration Tears” 1:40
10. “The Key” 2:07
11. “What You Need” 1:18
12. “He Never Says Anything” 0:41
13. “Rider’s Lullaby (Reprise)” 0:47
14. “The Nowhere King” 1:15
15. “Where Does Food Come From” 1:10
16. “It’s Hidin’ Time” 0:46
17. “My Collection” 1:38
18. “I Stealz So I Can Feelz” 0:44
19. “Baby’s First Spell” 1:13
20. “The Underground” 1:06
21. “The Butt of the Joke” 1:57
22. “And We Do This Everyday” 1:35
23. “I Don’t Know Him” 1:18
24. “Who Is She?” 2:14
25. “The Nowhere King (Reprise 2)” 0:47
26. “It’s Gonna Be a While” 2:10
27. “Welcome to the Bay” 1:50
28. “Who Is She? (Reprise)” 2:09
29. “Fragile Things (Reprise)” 1:20
30. “My Collection (Reprise)” 0:29
31. “The Hero of My Story (Comfortable Doug)” 2:50
32. “Before You Go” 1:49
33. “The Key (Reprise)” 0:54
34. “I’ve Been Searching For You” 2:50
35. “Nothing Good” 1:40
36. “Nowhere King Battle” 2:07
37. “Separate Ways” 2:08

Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )

Centaurworld: Music from the Netflix Original Series
Soundtrack album
Released July 30, 2021
Recorded 2020
Genre Soundtrack
Label Capitol Records


Centaurworld was released on Netflix on July 30, 2021. In June 2021, a teaser debuted at the virtual Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Will there be Season 2 of Centaurworld?

With an existing ten-episode backlog to work with — and an existing ensemble of actors, writers, and animators — our best bet for “Centaurworld” Season 2 is somewhere in mid-2022.

Is Centaurworld dark?

Centaurworld is a brilliant example of innovative animation in this golden age. Ingenuity, comedy, an unexpectedly dark depth, and great animation are all on display. Season two, please, because we can’t wait! Centaurworld is available on Netflix.

What is Centaurworld based on?

Centaurworld, directed by Megan Nicole Dong, a former DreamWorks animator, and Pinky Malinky director, is an animal-centered take on the common portal fantasy, in which a character from a prosaic world finds their way into a magical one.

How many seasons of Centaurworld will there be?

Netflix reported that the series will consist of 20 episodes divided into two seasons of ten episodes each.

Who wrote the music for CentaurWorld?

Toby Chu

Centaurworld (TV Series 2021– )

Centaurworld Release Dates

Argentina 30 July 2021 (internet)
Australia 30 July 2021 (internet)
Brazil 30 July 2021 (internet)
Canada 30 July 2021 (internet)
Germany 30 July 2021 (internet)
Spain 30 July 2021 (internet)
France 30 July 2021 (internet)
UK 30 July 2021 (internet)
India 30 July 2021 (internet)
Italy 30 July 2021 (internet)
Japan 30 July 2021 (internet)
South Korea 30 July 2021 (internet)
Mexico 30 July 2021 (internet)
Philippines 30 July 2021 (internet)
Poland 30 July 2021 (internet)
Singapore 30 July 2021 (internet)
Turkey 30 July 2021 (internet)
Ukraine 30 July 2021 (internet)
USA 30 July 2021 (internet)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) Centaurworld
Argentina Centauria
Australia Centaurworld
Brazil O Mundo dos Centauros
Canada (English title) Centaurworld
Canada (French title) Centaurworld
France Centaurworld
Germany Centaurworld
Greece Ο Κόσμος των Κενταύρων
Hungary Kentaurföld
India (English title) Centaurworld
India (Hindi title) Centaurworld
Italy Centaurworld: Il mondo dei centauri
Japan ケンタウロスワールド
Mexico Centauria
Philippines (English title) Centaurworld
Poland Świat Centaurów
Russia Мир кентавров
Singapore (English title) Centaurworld
South Korea 켄타 월드
Spain Centauria
Sweden Kentaurvärlden
Turkey (Turkish title) Centaurworld
Ukraine Кентавросвіт
UK Centaurworld
USA Centaurworld

Centaurworld NEW Series Trailer | Netflix Futures

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