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The One and Only Dick Gregory (2021) Review & Trailer

The One and Only Dick Gregory (2021)

Andre Gaines’ Cinemation Studios produced The One and Only Dick Gregory, a 2021 American documentary film directed, written, and produced by him. It follows comedian Dick Gregory’s life and career. Under their respective umbrellas, Hartbeat Productions and Hillman Grad Productions, Kevin Hart, and Lena Waithe serve as executive producers. On …

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Bring Your Own Brigade (2021) Review & Trailer

Bring Your Own Brigade (2021)

Lucy Walker wrote, directed, and produced Bring Your Own Brigade, a documentary film released in 2021. It depicts the aftermath of the Camp Fire (2018), California’s worst and most devastating wildfire. On January 29, 2021, the film made its international debut at the Sundance Film Festival. CBSN Films and Paramount …

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Not Going Quietly (2021) Review, Details & Trailer

Not Going Quietly (2021)

Not Going Quietly is a 2021 American documentary film directed by Nicholas Bruckman and produced by Amanda Roddy that follows Ady Barkan as he embarks on a nationwide healthcare reform movement. Executive producers include Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, and Bradley Whitford. On March 17, 2021, it had its global debut …

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The Alpinist (2021) Release Info, Review & Trailer

The Alpinist (2021)

Marc-André Leclerc climbs alone, away from the spotlight, in The Alpinist. The free-spirited 23-year-old Canadian performs some of the most daring solo ascents in history on isolated mountain slopes. Despite this, he receives little attention. Leclerc’s method is the epitome of solitary adventure, with no cameras, rope, or margin for …

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